Homemade, homemade air conditioning

For it you will need:1. Old printer. coolercompany 3. Power supply 4. Insulating tape 5. Ice bottle. (We put a plastic bottle of water in the freezer and after 5-10 hours we get an ice bottle.) Soldering iron. In principle, you can do without it.

so,theprinteralreadyincludesIneed: 1. Power supply 220V 24V 2. The case itself from the printer 3. Compressed water collection compartment Step 1: Disassemble the entire printer to hell! Step 2: Takewireand fastencoolers Step 3: Connect and solder wirescoolersby 2 sequentially! Step 4: Add them to the body as a thread! Step 5: Tester to determineof the power supply unit and connect the pairscoolersparallel! Step 6: You can addbutton Step 7: This is step 0,put the bottle in the freezer! Preferably 2 in shifts! Step 8: Now put it all in a pile and run! Step 9: Put the frozen bottle in the center of the printer! Step 10: We lay down on the sofa, put the air conditioner on top and enjoy the effect! WE'RE RELYING TO THE CHILL! Well, here are my photos of a homemade conditioner!

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