House Armani refused natural fur

Natural fur is gradually becoming a sign of bad taste. One fashion house after another refuses to use the material in their collections. After several years of censure by PETA and other animal protection organizations, the leadership of the Armani Group decided to take a serious step and signed an agreement, under which it is committed to be completely fur free. No kidding! No furs starting from the collections of autumn-winter 2016! If we see a fluffy scarf or a mantle, then certainly not from a rabbit, but rather from acrylic. Such a tough anti-fur policy applies to all brands of the group without exception - from Emporio Armani to Armani Jeans.

According to Giorgio Armani himself, "today, technical progress offers enough alternative solutions to avoid practices that allow cruel treatment of animals." Eco-activists believe that the Italians will be followed by other designers, calling for "making a choice in favor of creativity and innovative technologies."

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