How alcohol and smoking affect pregnant women

How alcohol affects pregnant women

Alcohol, once in the body of a pregnant woman, quickly penetrates the bloodstream, which carries it throughout the body, including delivery to the fetus. The tiny body of a child is not yet able to cope with such a strong poison - even if for an adult it is a very small dose, then for the embryo it is essential. Barriers in the placenta can protect the fetus from antibiotics and many harmful effects, but they are powerless against alcohol. Alcohol poisons the immature organs of the future person, causing their pathologies. Alcohol is especially dangerous for the cells of the nervous system, so drinking alcohol during pregnancy often ends with the birth of a child with mental disabilities and developmental delays.
When processing alcohol in the body of a pregnant woman, its decomposition products are released under the name acetaldehyde, which is also a strong poison for the baby.
Alcohol reduces the amount of hormones necessary for the proper development of pregnancy, and reduces the amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals. In the early stages, alcohol is especially dangerous to use because it leads to a deficiency of folic acid - this type of vitamin B is very important for the formation of the nervous system and other organs of the child, and its deficiency can lead not only to fetal abnormalities, but also to miscarriage.
Alcohol also has a detrimental effect on the state of the placenta, the vessels in it are narrowed, blood clots and hemorrhages are formed, the embryo receives less nutrients and oxygen, as a result of which it can die in the womb or be born defective.

How smoking affects pregnant women

Some pregnant women smokers justify themselves by the fact that the rejection of this habit can lead to severe stress in the body, the consequences of which will be more significant than the consequences of smoking. Doctors confidently declare that this is not true: withdrawal syndrome does cause unpleasant sensations, but no more, and the harm from nicotine for a child is so great that it cannot be compared.First of all, smoking prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals, the fetus does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients, which affects its development. Like alcohol, nicotine causes problems in the blood supply to the placenta, and hence to the fetus.
In addition, smokers often placenta is located incorrectly, blocking the cervix and interfering with the natural childbirth, so you have to do a cesarean section.
During smoking, carbon monoxide accumulates in the body of a pregnant woman, which disrupts the oxygen supply to the embryo, and the baby develops oxygen starvation, which can lead to physical or mental disability. Various defects in the structure of the body - cleft lip, bone deformities, heart defects - are explained by the influence of toxic substances on cell division in the embryo.

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