How best to express milk

You will need
  • - breast pump;
  • - sterilized bottles.
Control lactation from the first minutes after birth, if possible. As a rule, in the maternity hospital the newborn is applied to the chest while still in the delivery room. This practice allows the baby to get valuable colostrum, and the mother - to tune in to the proper breastfeeding. Be prepared for the immediate appearance of milk: this can happen as early as the first day after birth. It is important not to miss this point, because otherwise the subsequent decanting will be very painful.
Master pumping hands. First, gently knead the mammary gland with light massaging movements. Remember that movement should not bring you discomfort. After that, clasp the chest with your fingers and make soft squeezing movements towards the areola of the nipple. As a result of these actions, the milk should flow out easily. Try not to empty your chest completely: stop when the gland is soft enough.
Take advantage of a quality breast pump.Sterilize it according to the instructions. Take a comfortable position, firmly press the silicone attachment of the device to the mammary gland so that neither gaps nor excessive compression are formed. If you purchased a manual breast pump, pump the pump with low intensity, gradually increasing the degree of vacuum. In this case, the milk should be decanted easily and without any pain. For greater convenience and frequent decanting it is advisable to purchase an electronic breast pump. Such a device will allow you to adjust the frequency and intensity of the vacuum, to remember the optimal mode for you, which ensures the greatest comfort of the process.

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