How can I increase the amount of jeans in the waist

The author: Hope

I want to share with you my know-how.

There are times when jeans at the waist are a bit cramped, literally 2 cm is not enough, and then I proceed as follows.

From behind I get off the top edge of the belt on the middle seam of the jeans, I strip off the strip, if there is one, and I prune the belt between the side slips from behind.

Then I cut the belt in the place where we have a patch, I insert a wedge with a width equal to the necessary increase in waist volume + allowances for seams, and with a length equal to the width of the belt along with the allowances for the hem, I iron.

Then on the belt I mark the middle, I combine it with the middle seam of jeans. I start to hint the belt on the upper section of the back halves of the trousers by slightly pulling it to a new length of the belt. Nastrachuyu and again ironed up.

Then we sew the loops back, put the patch in place, that's all.

But I want to immediately warn that such a variant of increasing the volume of jeans in the waist is possible, if you need to add no more than 3-5 cm, because the elongation of the waist line is due to the information of planting to nothing.

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