How easy it is to make the stomach flat

You will need
  • cheerful attitude and patience
Pay attention to your food. Eliminate fatty meats, smoked meats, rolls and pastries from the diet. If it is difficult to refuse bread - replace it with rye loaves or pressed bran. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits - the fiber contained in them will help to establish metabolism and clean the intestines. A flat tummy is possible only when you get rid of excessive internal fat.
Drink more water. Water is a true healer of our body. Enriching all cells with oxygen, it removes excess toxins and renews all organs, improving their performance.
Breathe air. Go for a walk in any weather. Run, jump, play with children - physical activity increases the absorption of oxygen in the blood, improves our general well-being and does not allow to be postponed by extra pounds.
Do yoga.A large number of stretching exercises not only relaxes the abdominal muscles, but also gradually tightens and returns them to tone.
Twist the hoop. This is an old proven way to return the abs to the muscles and to get rid of the sides.
Exercises. And of course, do not forget about the need for daily study of the abdominal muscles in various exercises. 10-12 minutes a day is enough - and your tummy will pleasantly surprise you.

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