How fashionable to have a beard for a man

Why is the beard back in fashion?

Fashion experts are confident that people associate beard and mustache with the reliability and strength of a man. It is known that the rapid appearance of thick facial hair indicates strong male health and normal hormonal status. That is why women on a subconscious level, seeing a representative of the stronger sex with such appearance, begin to note for themselves that he is already ready for a serious relationship and for creating a strong family in which children will definitely be.
Recently, scientists have conducted some research, according to which it turned out that men who have a thick beard or neat and modest vegetation on their face are considered the most attractive and incredibly sexy. It also turned out that bearded people are more likely to have others around them, and mustaches are a sign of stability and resistance to stress. The representative of the stronger sex, having a thick but not long beard,can easily change their image, and also looks quite solid.
Also this fashionable “accessory” can save the position of balding men. It replaces the lush head of hair and distracts attention from this deficiency, which causes complexes in the representatives of the stronger sex. In addition, the beard will hide the irregular features in the form of too wide or, conversely, narrowed chin.

Beard popularity

It is known that in recent times a lot of men trying to look more brutal, using a mustache and a beard. This may be evidenced even by the research of The Grocer magazine, which published statistics on the sales volume of shaving products, which decreased by 7%.
Another study showed that young men under 23 years of age try to wear thick stubble, while men whose age reaches 50 years old prefer to wear a mustache.
In recent years, many Hollywood celebrities have grown their beard. The rating of the most popular men of similar appearance includes such stars as Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Jonathan Ross, Jim Carrey, Simon Le Bon, Joaquin Phoenix, and Brad Pitt.
Despite the fact that lately a beard has become a fashionable trend, and it combines with any style of clothing, it is quite difficult to care for her. That is why it is better for men to listen not to fashion, but to their own preferences and tastes.

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