How harmful is hookah smoking to the heart?

I listened that smoking hookah can greatly affect the work of the cardiovascular system. Is this true and, if so, is it possible to completely restore the work of the heart after quitting smoking?


In some cases, hookah is called the option of safe smoking, but this is certainly not the case. The World Health Organization, on the basis of many studies, has concluded that hookah smoking is a health hazard, because the smoke inhaled contains toxic substances that lead to cancer. In addition, hookah, like any smoking, is addictive. But that is not all! When smoking a hookah in a company, it is possible to transmit many diseases, including hepatitis and herpes, if you do not use disposable mouthpieces.

After quitting smoking over time (not immediately, but gradually), the harm from tobacco consumption in the past decreases. Improvements in health manifest themselves within a few days.And after 5-10 years, all the negative effects of smoking on the state of health are leveled.

* Anna Kontsevaya is an expert in the social-educational program “Pulse of Life” and the action “Put your clothes on in red!”.

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