How does heart health affect a person's appearance?

Are there any external manifestations of heart health or ill health? Does it affect the skin and so on?


The condition of the skin can hardly be a guideline for assessing the condition of the heart. But, like any disease, CVD affects the general state of health. External manifestations of heart disease symptoms, as a rule, develop already with serious diseases, such as heart failure, when a person has shortness of breath, swelling, and there may be changes in skin color. But, as a rule, in such a state is no longer up to beauty. This is rarely at a young age. However, you need to carefully treat all changes in their condition.

* Anna Kontsevaya is an expert in the social-educational program “Pulse of Life” and the action “Put your clothes on in red!”.


Sick heart is usually in people with sedentary, prone to overeating and not healthy food (unless, of course, hereditary). Therefore, people with a sick heart initially look bad.If you follow a, then the side sores will bypass. By myself I know. Weighed 80 with height 160. There is no sport, the work is nervous. Well, the arrhythmia began. She took on herself: saw CardioAktiv, cardio fitness began to follow a diet. Now I weigh 62.

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