What is useful rosemary for a person?

Mother Nature has taken care of our health, not without reason, on Earth you can find hundreds of useful, medicinal and simply valuable plants, which, if properly collected and used, can cure many diseases, even those that are sometimes beyond the power of traditional medicine .

Rosemary is not just another useful herb, it really is a medicinal plant, which to this day is among the leading ones. About the useful and even magical properties of such a plant has been known for a long time, rosemary was actively used in ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Egypt, on this occasion there are many ancient legends and tales.

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Ever since those deep-seated times, this plant was used as ceremonial grass, young girls wove it into wreaths, since they were considered sacred.

In the modern world, naturally, the primary attention is paid precisely to the therapeutic and beneficial properties of rosemary, for good reason; it has received wide application in many branches of human activity, and medicine is just one of them.

The Mediterranean is considered to be the birthplace of such an amazing plant, hence its Latin name, which translates as “sea freshness”. Throughout Europe, rosemary has spread along with the campaigns of the Romans; now it is cultivated in France, Italy, Spain, as well as other parts of Europe, America, Turkey, and many other corners of the planet.

Externally, rosemary is a shrub that can reach 2 meters in height, its leaves are a bit like needles of conifers, which, together with its flowers and shoots, are actively used to produce essential oil, spices and other medicines.

Very fragrant

By the way, rosemary essential oil is one of the most valuable and important components of this plant, which is actively used in medicine, perfumery and cooking.

What is interesting, the cultivation, like the harvesting, of such a plant is a simple task, which only amateur gardeners can do, it’s important to remember that this is a heat-loving plant.

That is why it is best to grow it on a lighted lawn without excessive moisture, somewhere in the garden.If you decide to grow rosemary at home, then do not forget to periodically take it out to the open air, as it needs open air and sunbathing.

Cooking Application

Rosemary is one of the most famous spices that is loved and consumed in almost all over the world. Properly dried grass leaves have a bitter, but very aromatic and camphor taste. Fresh leaves have a bright aroma of eucalyptus, camphor, coniferous and lemon, for such an extraordinary combination it has long been included in the list of classic ingredients of the popular French spices “Provence herbs”.

Young leaves and dried shoots can be added to spring salads, vegetable soups, pickles and preservation. It is often used in cooking rabbit, lamb and pork, which allows you to get rid of the specific smell, enriching it with a kind of "natural" or "forest" scent of game.

Wonderful fragrance

Rosemary is also particularly well suited for the preparation of healthy vegetable and potato dishes, there are even special recipes, which include only potatoes and rosemary. It is perfect for fried, stewed and baked dishes,Such spicy herb with cheese is especially good, and in European countries it is actively added to macaroni and pizza, Georgian satsivi is not at all without a pinch of rosemary.

In addition, a sprig of fragrant spices can be added to desserts, as well as used for making sauces, fish dishes and various beverages.

Composition and useful properties

A wide range of useful properties of such a plant is based on its rich and unique composition, in the first place, it is rosemary oil, which consists of camphor, borneol and many other important substances. It is actively used for the treatment of damaged and falling hair, with it, both in pure form and in the form of cosmetic series based on it.

With the help of rosemary oil, you can strengthen, rejuvenate and improve the growth of your own hair, as it is great for caring for oily scalp, helping to cleanse it and rid yourself of dandruff. In addition, rosemary includes gums, tannins, vegetable acids, bitters, and flavonoids.

Can be used for cooking different dishes.

Also in the plant there are important trace elements: magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and many others,which have an important beneficial effect on the blood and immune system, in addition, it has long been recognized that rosemary is also a strong stimulant.

Doctors recommend using it with low blood pressure, rosemary is also useful for people with weakened immune systems, especially after serious illnesses or long-term antibiotics.

Water infusions of rosemary have a strong anti-inflammatory, tonic, antitussive, choleretic and wound-healing effect, so it is useful to take it for colds, as well as for angina, cholecystitis, stomatitis and menopausal neuroses.

In addition, the ability of rosemary to improve brain activity and human memory is known, this miraculous property was confirmed by scientists from Northumbria. Water infusion of such a medicinal plant with lavender can improve blood circulation, as well as restore vision in people who have suffered a stroke.

Rosemary oil is actively used for cosmetic purposes, masks and facial lotions are made of it, and the treatment of acne, ulcers and even infected wounds with it is especially important. From rosemary actively produce medicinal tinctures, teas, ointments, as well as other drugs.

It is also believed that aromatic baths with oil of such a plant actively stimulate cell renewal, which contributes to the overall improvement of the body's condition, however, such water procedures are not recommended for overnight.

List of contraindications

Such a miraculous plant, as it turned out, cannot be taken by epileptics, as well as by people prone to convulsions, although in some clinics of the world, rosemary is used as an experiment to treat such diseases, but this is all done only under the careful supervision of a physician.

Also, rosemary is not recommended to use during pregnancy and with special caution applies to those people who often suffer from high blood pressure.

It should also be remembered that self-treatment of serious diseases of the stomach or mental abnormalities by taking oil of rosemary inside is not recommended, you must first consult a specialist.

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