How many lives do you need to save up for a 70 carat diamond

If you stand - sit down. We calculated how much time it would take for the average Muscovite to raise money for a little ring, like the wife of a Samara oligarch.

The model Ksenia Tsaritsyn not life, but a continuous dolce vita. Designer outfits, luxury cars, luxury resorts ... But the main passion of the girl is jewelry. The girl demonstrates them in her microblog on Instagram no less often than the luxurious bouquets of flowers presented by her beloved husband, Samara businessman Alexey Shapovalov, whose fortune is estimated at several billion.

Here, for example, luxury chandelier earrings ...

Jan 29 2017 at 11:08 PST

Here is a ring with yellow topaz (and maybe a diamond! - it's hard to say right away ...)

Mar 16 2017 at 12:44 pm PDT

Here is a ring with a stone in the shape of a heart:

Apr 5 2017 at 6:54 pdt

But the "bauble" with a 70-karat br брюllicek ...

Apr 10 2017 at 9:49 PDT

Actually it was this stone that became the reason for the appearance of Xenia in the news summary. The girl, who claims in her social networks that her “narcissism is not treated”, made the whole world jealous.Is it a joke, a ring for 11 million dollars? (It was this amount that the subscribers of the model on Instagram valued the jewel - ed.).

“It's terribly beautiful,” one of the subscribers left a comment below the photo.

And you can not even imagine how scary!

We thought here, but what if ... such a ring would like to give a simple mortal to his bride? Say, a Muscovite with an average salary of 70 thousand rubles?

We divide 627 million rubles (this amount turned out, provided that the rate is 57 rubles per dollar - ed.) By 70 miserable thousands per month and we get ... 8,957 months or 746 years.

To be completely clear, 627 million average man with an average life expectancy of 59.1 years will work on this ring for about 12 lives.

But if such a ring decides to buy Muscovite for itself (for women, life expectancy is higher - 73 years), then she will manage to do it a little faster. Some 10 lives without food and drink, and the cherished decoration in your pocket. More precisely on the finger!

May 17 2017 at 11:59 pdt

And what if such a ring wants to buy a former countryman of Xenia, a resident of Samara? (According to the site, the average salary is 28,412 rubles (!) - Ed.)

We have been working for some 1,839 years, and literally after 31 life your sweetheart shows off to her friends the cherished brullic. Something like that…

What would you do for such a ring?
What would you do for such a ring?
  • Invented something to make you rich
  • Would seduce a billionaire
  • Would work long and hard, even if 10 lives
  • No matter, I don’t have to wear this
  • I already have!

What do we know about Ksenia Tsaritsyn?

Ksenia and Alexey have been together for five years and have two children - a son and a daughter. Judging by the photo of Xenia, it is obvious that pregnancy and childbirth did not leave even a trace on the slim figure of the girl. Ksenia does not hide the fact that she plays a lot in sports, leads an active lifestyle and watches nutrition. But the intervention of plastic surgeons denies and claims that nature has so generously endowed her. Not all followers agree with Ksenia and no, no, yes scabrous comments appear.

A simple girl from Omsk did not in one moment become the wife of an oligarch. Since childhood, Xenia was engaged in dancing and singing, built a career. Acquaintance with the future husband happened back in 2011. About a year they lived in Samara, and soon after the wedding, Xenia went to live in Dubai.

Here she found the use of her talents: the girl works as a model and advertises famous brands.

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