How much does a wedding cost?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
October 28, 2014
How much does a wedding cost?

How to start preparing for the wedding? Preparing for this is to start in advance, because it is troublesome. The question of how much a wedding will cost can not have a definite answer. In each case, the costs will be individual. It is more important to identify the main items of expenditure. These include:

  • clothing for newlyweds and shoes for them (dress and costume);
  • floristics (including wedding bouquet);
  • creating the image of the bride;
  • car rent;
  • rental of premises / motor ship for a banquet;
  • invitations;
  • wedding rings for a couple;
  • menu / drinks, wedding cake;
  • balloons, fireworks, launching pigeons;
  • travel / wedding night (hotel room);
  • host at the banquet, DJ.

On average, the budget is 150 thousand rubles, but individual items can be adjusted. Let us dwell on the most important when organizing this event.

Wedding organization - separate expenses

When buying clothes for a couple there are many options, some of which can significantly save.For example, buy a used dress and costume - they are often sold after use at their own wedding. And you can find a designer dress in excellent condition. The dress in the cabin is expensive. However, there you can find exclusive models in which the bride will feel unique, special.

The image of the bride consists of several aspects. This makeup, and styling / hairstyle, and manicure. Here you can leave a significant part of the budget - the number of procedures to improve the appearance is almost unlimited. How can you save on this item of expenditure, learn from our article How much is a wedding.

Wedding rings will cost from 5,000 rubles per pair. Wedding invitations - from 30-100 rubles for an invitation card, complete with an envelope. Rent a car costs from 1500 rubles per hour.

Banquet organization is a large expenditure item in the wedding budget. The cost per person - from 1000-1500 rubles, on-site service (catering) will cost more. Prices for the services of photographers depend on the level of his professionalism. The same goes for DJ.

Independently difficult to calculate the budget for such an important event - use.

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