How not to get better in the winter

Although there are few fruits and vegetables in winter, there are enough fermented milk products on the shelves. This is cottage cheese, and milk, and various yogurts. All this is an indispensable source of protein, which is necessary for weight loss, is able to strengthen muscle tissue and improve skin tone.
In the cold, we especially need the hormone of happiness, so we are trying to fill it with tasty food. Think about what brings you joy other than food. For example, go to the movies or lie in a bath with oils. Go for a walk to keep warm, dress warmly.
Get used to eating at the same time every day. So digestion is normalized and the body is easier to cope with food.
In winter, it is important to drink more water. Often the body confuses the feeling of thirst with hunger, in the end we go for a portion of food or tea with sweets. Before you eat well, try to drink a mug of plain water. It is also useful to eat some fruit.
Aromas of chocolate, cinnamon and many others do an excellent job with winter depression and reduce increased appetite.

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