How often do men cheat on women

Polygamous men - this is the first reason for their cheating. The honorable mission for the representative of the stronger sex is fertilization of the woman for the further reproduction of the offspring. Here nature itself has tried, and, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. The question is only in the norms of morality. Mostly in civilized countries, the problem of marital betrayal is treated strictly - it is considered a vicious and unacceptable desire to possess several women at once. In this case, men have an excuse about polygamousness, which allegedly is not a fact of treason. 60.7% of men cheat exclusively flesh, as if mechanically, without feelings and emotions.
It happens that after a couple of life together instead of a sexy beauty with perfect makeup, manicure and hairdo at home her husband is met after work by a simple plump lady in a bathrobe, slippers, with an eternal excuse,associated with headache and bad mood. In addition, most of the time the wife pays her home life and children, cheating her beloved husband with affection and care. Little by little, the passion fades away. Quench the passion on the side of 7.2% of husbands.
Over time, romance in relationships gives way to quarrels and domestic problems. 8.8% of the representatives of the stronger sex go to treason in order to change the situation, forget about the home routine and at least somehow relax. It happens that a rude attitude, insults on the part of his beloved woman provoke treason. According to the survey, 6% of husbands betrayed their wives for precisely this reason.
It is not excluded treason and at work. A man can turn his attention to the employee, who unequivocally hints at a close relationship. About 29% of married guys are tempted with their beautiful colleagues.
Men who consider themselves collectors of women's hearts, nothing will not keep from treason. For 34.8% of such instances, a new woman and new emotions are necessary, like air.
1.1% of husbands are trying to avenge their favorite infidelity for any offenses, and a long absence of a partner due to departure or illness pushes 11.6% of the stronger sex for treasonAbout 21% of spouses give preference to resort novels, and on business trips about 10% of men cannot resist the temptation.
In this list it is worth noting, and "random" treason. Under the influence of alcohol, 12% of husbands cheat on their beloved wives during parties. The middle age crisis often pushes even the most decent family man into treachery. 10% of men are looking for an excuse to prove their own worth to themselves.

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