How original to meet

Do not be afraid to take the initiative

Some women prefer to look out the window to old age and wait for their only long-awaited man to come to them on a white horse, and better on a white Mercedes, putting on a finger a beautiful little ring, make a marriage proposal, while others do not want to wait take the initiative.
The indecision of women in the manifestation of initiatives to get acquainted is due to genetic, social, moral, historical attitudes.
Now women of the second type are becoming more and more, because they are gaining leading qualities in areas where they have not been entertained for a long time, be it politics, blacksmithing, weightlifting and other fields of study considered alien to women. Often, acquaintance with a man becomes the work of a woman, otherwise you can simply not wait for the prince.

How to originally meet a man

If you decide to get acquainted with the man you liked most, remember that the main thing is to act as if it was him to get to know you.Make him draw attention to himself, surprise, hit him. Men are drawn to mysterious women.
Keep in mind that you must look perfect - well-groomed skin, style of dress, skillful makeup, nice perfume. Everything must be immaculate, natural and appropriate for the dating situation.
Determine the purpose of dating - a fleeting conversation, for the night, or you are looking for a worthy companion for life. Based on your goals, choose a place to explore. Remember that the easiest way to captivate a man in a dance nightclub, but not the fact that it will be a gentleman with serious intentions, because there go to rest and relax.
But it is not necessary to wear glasses and go to the reading room of the nearest library. You can easily get acquainted on special sites that are designed for this purpose, here the process of dating is much easier and simpler than in reality. You can meet in any place, in any convenient and uncomfortable situation, just try not to frighten a man with your determination and perseverance - in response to this behavior, he may have fear, backlash, unwillingness to get acquainted.
Do not forget about such signals as glance, smile of a man, readiness for dialogue, letting you know that you are interested in him. If you do not see interest, it is better not to impose, and leave this person.
Listen to your imagination: pour the object of your desires with tea in a cafe, ask to bring huge bags of groceries from the supermarket, wait for it at the exit from the entrance and tuck your leg with it, treat whiskey in a bar, etc.
And if the first step is done successfully, do not give up the position, because now you need to use all your sexuality, intelligence, charm, intelligence, not only to attract the attention of a man for a few minutes, but also to keep him around for months, years or all life.

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