How parents behave with children

Parents always try to teach the child obedience. Of course, they should be an authority for their offspring, and the baby must obey mom and dad. However, to become a strict commander is not in any case. For the most part, parents simply make children comfortable for themselves, but at the same time for some reason they absolutely do not think about it, is it comfortable for the baby? If a child shows character and resists, you should not treat this too negatively, because it is even good. This means that the baby wants to decide for himself what he needs. In the end, if a child always does only what his mom and dad say, he will not be able to become independent and achieve the desired success.
Mom is always sure that she knows the child much better than he does. In fact, this is not the case, and you should listen to your child. The kid can independently understand whether he wants to eat or not, he is warm or cold. No need to try to impose your point of view on the child.
Often parents begin to scold the child for the shortcomings that they themselves have. Is that right? Of course not. Children always take their cue from their moms and dads, copy them. Therefore, if you want the child to get rid of one or another trait of character or habit, you need to eradicate it in yourself.
A child from an early age should have the right of choice, the baby is very important. When mom and dad do not choose for the child, what to do, and allow the baby to decide for himself, he feels his importance. The child understands that he is respected and listened to.
You should not try to protect the child from all mistakes, especially since it is basically impossible. Negative experience is also an experience, and no less valuable. The child should be able to make mistakes in order to continue to learn from these mistakes, such lessons are most effective.
In order to effectively teach a child something, it is worth doing it together, especially since spending time together allows family members to rally, their relationship will therefore become much better.

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