How sank the ship "Concordia"

Cruise liner "Costa Concordia"

The order to build the Costa Concordia liner in 2004 was received by the shipbuilding company Fincantieri from the large international cruise operator Carnival Corporation. The ship was built at the shipyard in Sestri Ponente, in the suburbs of Genoa. Here he was launched on September 2, 2005.
During the launching ceremony, a bottle of champagne did not crash on board, which is considered a bad omen by the sailors. On June 30, 2006, the vessel was transferred to Costa Crociere, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation. The construction of the ship cost $ 570 million.
The length of the Costa Concordia was 290.2 meters. The vessel was equipped with six 12-cylinder diesel generators with a total capacity of 76.6 megawatts (102,780 horsepower). These generators provided power to all equipment, starting with propellers, ending with air conditioning. The estimated speed of the vessel was 19.6 knots (36 km / h), and during sea trials it reached 23 knots (43 km / h).
On the "Costa Concordia" there were about 1,500 cabins. Of these, 505 with balconies and 55 with direct access to the spa.The liner also had a fitness center with a gym, a thalassotherapy pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a solarium.
On the ship there were four swimming pools. Two of them with lockable roofs and five with Jacuzzi. There were five on-board restaurants and thirteen bars, including cigar and cognac. A three-level concert hall, a casino and a futuristic disco were intended to entertain passengers. There was also a children's corner, Internet cafes and motor sport simulators.

Liner wreck

“Costa Concordia” with 3206 passengers and 1023 crew members on board made a seven-day cruise in the Mediterranean. On the night of January 13, the ship passed by the island of Isola del Giglio.
At the insistence of the managers of the cruise company Costa Cruises, the captain of the ship approached the island to greet those gathered on the shore. On the island that day held a festival. The usual route of the cruise ran 8 kilometers from the coast.
At about 21:45, the liner hit a reef. As a result, on the left side below the waterline there was a huge hole. Soon the water began to flow into the engine room. Generators out of order. Failed electrical equipment.Without traction, on emergency electricity, the vessel continued to move in an inertia direction to the north. It did not lose control.
At about 10:10 pm the ship, apparently under the influence of currents, began to drift in the opposite direction. Increased roll ship. From the original 20 degrees to 22:44, it reached 70 degrees. At 22:48 the liner settled on a rocky sea bottom. And only at 22:54 the captain gave the order to leave the ship.
After being flooded, passengers in lifeboats and helicopters were evacuated to the shore. Without missing 40 people. Half of them were later found inside the ship, when many were already dead.
Why did the ship sink? The report of the technical investigation carried out by the Corps of the Italian Marine Guard has not yet been published. International experts also wonder why the ship overturned so quickly, despite the water tightness of its compartments.

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