How sharp is your mind: try to solve puzzles for geniuses!

The concept of the standard is in all kinds of human activity, and it seems to be how good it is, but only those who think outside its boundaries really make progress and discoveries. Are you capable of an extraordinary approach?


It’s very easy to find out if you think with hardened clichΓ©s: start with moderately complex puzzles that most people cannot cope with, and this happens because they only think the way they do. All the geniuses and the greatest detectives bypassed the rules, and remained for centuries. Can you do that? Check yourself - start with riddles!

The door opens, and a man tumbles into the bar. Comes to the rack and asks him to pour water. The barman turns away for a second, and turns around, pointing the barrel of a gun at the visitor. The man looks at it, says: β€œThank you” and leaves. What happened there?

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Answer:the man hiccupped, and wanted to get rid of hiccups after drinking water, but the bartender decided the case more effectively - he scared him.

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In the middle of the desert, the dead body of a naked man is found. A broken match is clamped in his hand. Where did he come from, how did he die, why is he bare and what does this match mean?


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Answer:a balloon flew over the desert, but a breakdown occurred and it began to plummet. Everyone who was in the basket decided to get rid of the clothes in the hope that her weight would be enough to level the flight, but it did not work. Then they played a lot, who jumped off the ball to save the others, and this man was not lucky - he got a broken match. Judging by the fact that there are no other victims nearby, it worked.

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In her apartment at night one girl could not sleep at midnight. Spinning in bed, fit comfortably - nothing helped. Then she went to the phone and dialed a certain number, and when they answered from the other side, she calmly put down the phone, lay down and fell asleep. Who and why did she call?


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Answer:she called her neighbor through the wall. He snored heavily, not letting her fall asleep, and with her call the girl woke him to sleep herself.

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This is something in football and hockey, it takes the thoughts of Ostap Bender, the same thing is on the female body, and chess players turn to this.What is it?

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The man was going to work, which always went by car. But in the morning it turned out that one tire was lowered completely, to zero. He did not pump it up, and did not go to the car-care center, but got into the car and drove 5 km to work, and in the evening returned to it, and the car did not suffer. How did that happen?


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Answer:reserve was lowered.

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