How to abstain from junk food

Use the following products as snacks, replacing harmful food: fruit yogurts without synthetic additives and flavors, fruits and vegetables, breads (cereals and wholemeal flour), low-fat cottage cheese, soy products. As a beverage, give preference to green tea. This list minimizes calorie intake and perfectly quenches hunger.
Eat at least three times a day. Remember: the morning breakfast provides you with energy for the whole day, supports normal levels of sodium and blood sugar. Proper and healthy food in the morning will set your body on the right path throughout the day.
Replace sugar with fructose or drink tea with dried fruit.
Before going to the store, be sure to eat. Do not go to large supermarkets on an empty stomach. So you risk to collect harmful products for the fastest satisfaction of feeling of hunger (semi-finished products, chips, sweets, carbonated drinks, etc.).
Buy only fresh products. They will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. In products with a long shelf life of trace elements contains much less.
Do not forget to drink enough liquid. Well, if it is clean drinking water. Lack of fluid in the body can encourage you to use carbonated and alcoholic beverages, coffee, etc.
When cooking, replace salt with different spices. In this way, you will avoid retention of fat and water in the body and increase in blood pressure. Remember: hot spices inhibit the feeling of fullness in food.

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