How to Add Songs Using Ares

How to Add Songs Using Ares

Three Methods:

Ares Galaxy is a peer-to-peer filesharing program that lets you download files directly from other users. You can use it to trade files with other users all over the world. Ares Galaxy requires minimal setup, and you can be up and running in minutes. Follow this guide to learn how.


Installing Ares

  1. Download the Ares Galaxy installer.Be sure that you download the installer from a trusted website, such as the Ares Galaxy home page.
    • Ares Galaxy is a free program, never pay to download it.

Finding Files to Download

  1. Search for the song you would like to download.Click the tab that says Search and check the Audio box to search for music. Enter the title or artist and a list of search results will appear. Downloading copyrighted material that you don’t own is illegal.
    • Ares works similar to torrent files. You can download from multiple people at once, or if just one person has the file you are looking for.
    • There are many dummy files on Ares. These are typically hosted by anti-piracy groups. If the file does not start downloading, try a different source.
  2. Browse the available files.Make sure that you are downloading a format that your computer or device can play. The most common format is MP3, which can be played with virtually any media player or mobile device.
    • Try to download files that have multiple users hosting it, as this will typically result in faster download times.
  3. Right-click the song you want and select Download.The file will automatically begin downloading. Click the Transfer tab to check the progress of the download. The Transfer tab will contains a lot of important information about your downloads:
    • As more users are connected, you will see the number listed in the User column.
    • The time remaining for the download will be displayed in the Remaining column.
    • If the Status bar says Queued, then you are in line to download it from the user. You will have to wait until the users in front of you are finished downloading.
    • The Speed column shows how fast your file is downloading. This is limited both by the upload speeds of the users you are getting the file from as well as your personal download speed.
  4. Wait for your files to finish downloading.Your file downloads may pause when the user you are downloading from logs off. If you are patient, they will most likely resume soon. Once the progress bar turns green, then the file is done downloading.

Adding Songs to Your Media Player

  1. Open your media player.Once your media player is open, navigate to your library.
  2. Drag the songs from the folder into your library.The songs should be added to your media player’s library automatically. You can now or listen to them on your computer.
    • The method for adding songs varies from player to player. iTunes allows you to drag and drop, though you can also specify which folders on your computer you want to add songs from. This may be more useful if you are constantly adding new songs.

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  • When your library gets very large, you can search the song in the search box to locate it.

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How to Add Songs Using Ares
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