How to adjust the plow

Start the adjustment with the working parts of the instrument. Main work itemplow- ploughshare, it accounts for more than half of the entire load when plowing. The ploughshare must be properly ground. Otherwise, its performance may be reduced by almost 20%, fuel consumption increases by 20%, and the depth of processing - by more than a third.
The most important requirement for the plowshares - on their blades should be fusion of hard alloys with a cutting edge of up to 1 mm, with a sharpening angle from 25 to 400. All plowshares should be the same size. Tolerances on the blade length, back length and width, respectively, are 15, 10 and 5 mm. Ensure that all bolt heads are flush or recessed up to 1 mm. At the junction of the blade and the plowshare, the gap should not exceed a millimeter, and the blade itself should protrude by more than 2 mm.
It is very important that the blade and the plowshares from the side of the field are on the same line. Allowable plowshare for the blade - no more than half a centimeter.It is not allowed for the stand of the body to stand for the field edge of the plowshare and the blade. The allowable gaps between the plowshare and the stand and between the blade and the stand are 3 and 6 mm, respectively.
Check the field boards on the plow, which should be level, with their rear end aligned with the plowshare edge. Tolerance can not exceed half a centimeter.
Install the blade of the plowshare parallel to the installation site with the permissible elevation of the back of not more than a centimeter. It is not allowed to skew the frame and install bent ridges. All this violates the overall correct location of the body.plow.

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