How to adjust the valves in the engine of the car VAZ-2109

Adjusting the engine nines carried out with a 30 thousand kilometers. So it says in the service book on the car. But you can check the gaps and a little more. The design of the gas distribution mechanism on the engines of the ninth and eighth family is such that the gap between the camshaft fist and the valve does not increase, but decreases. In other words, the same symptoms as on the classics are not to be expected.
One valve may lightly tap, maximum two. But it will be a barely noticeable knock, which is not always possible to detect. It will be much more effective to remove the cover and check the gaps. This is the only way to find shifted or cracked washers, reduced gaps. After all, when the distance between the camshaft cam and the valve changes, the entire engine fails, causing power to drop.

Preparation for adjustment

Before you begin to repair, make a habit of disconnecting the battery. You can accidentally hook on the power wire, which is energized.And the result of this - the melting of the wires and the possibility of a fire. Set the car on the handbrake, and put the gearshift in neutral. Valve adjustment should be done on a cold engine. First, it is safe. Secondly, it is required by technology.
Remove the protective plastic cover that covers the timing belt. It is fastened with three bolts to the brackets. Two on the back wall, and one on the side. After disconnecting the connections suitable for the valve cover. And remove the bracket that secures the cables of gas and suction (if the engine carburetor). The valve cover is attached to the head with two nuts, which should be unscrewed with a wrench for 10. Try to replace the gasket under the cover with a new one later. Now unscrew the candles from all cylinders.

Adjustment of valves

Remove the oil from the top of the head using a syringe or syringe. Now you need to combine tags. Occupation is not easy, as it sometimes happens that the timing belt slips into one or two teeth, so check the position of the belt before adjusting the valves. On the camshaft pulley there is a label that must be aligned with the plate located on the engine block. After installing the tags, open the rubber plug that is in the clutch unit.In the viewing window you can see a plate with a triangular slot, which should coincide with the label on the flywheel.
Take a square sheet of paper with a side of 8 centimeters. You put it on the bolt that secures the camshaft pulley. You combine one corner of your square with a level. Using a marker, make small risks on the pulley body. The angle between two adjacent ones should be 90 degrees. And then you have to scroll the crankshaft and measure the gaps. The crankshaft can be turned with a wrench at 19, and you can raise the right side on the jack and turn the wheel at fourth speed.
The clearance for the intake valves should be 0.2 mm, and for the exhaust 0.35 mm. To calculate the thickness of the new washer, you need to use a simple formula. The thickness of the washer is considered equal to the sum of the thickness of the old washer, measured and nominal clearances. There is also a tolerance of 0.05 mm, so be sure to consider it when selecting washers. With the help of a special device for embedding valves, you loosen the pressure of the washer, it is much easier to remove it from the seat.

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