How to align the walls with putty

First you need to prepare all the necessary tools: a narrow and wide spatulas, a roller and a brush for applying a primer, as well as a flat bottom cuvette. The consistency of the filler should be such that during mixing, the cone, which is formed from the movements of the stick, kept its shape well, and the solution did not slide off the spatula. The putty thickens quickly enough, so in the process of work it should be periodically diluted with a primer or water.

At the beginning of the work, a small amount of mortar is applied to the surface of the wall with a spatula, then with vertical and horizontal movements the filler is leveled so that the layer of the mixture is 1-2 mm while keeping the spatula at an angle. The greater the angle of inclination of the spatula, the, accordingly, the less layer will be distributed over the surface of the putty.

After "setting" putty, it should be washed with a primer to remove existing irregularities and sagging.After this procedure, the layer of putty should dry within 24 hours. After this time, the wall must be treated with fine-grained sandpaper to smooth out all the roughness and make the wall perfectly smooth.

If necessary, you can apply a second layer of putty, but before that the finished surface must be covered with a primer and dried. If you do not prime the walls, the dried layer will crack. A day later, the second layer is also polished with the help of sandpaper.

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