How to alter jeans for pregnant women

You will need
  • - jeans;
  • - knitted fabric to match the jeans;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread;
  • - scissors;
  • - needle.
A woman in an interesting position, all volumes remain almost the same, the only thing that changes dramatically is the tummy. When dressing jeans for a pregnant woman, these things need to be considered. If the ladies have slightly improved hips, then this part of the trousers can also be done more by stitching around the side seam to the right and left of the band or strips of leather.
Put the jeans on the table so that the front end is at the top. Take the seam ripper and unclip the zipper. You can do this with the help of a blunt razor blade, but, very carefully, so as not to get hurt. If you do not plan to use this zipper in the future, then prop it only the bottom.
Pull on the thread that sews the belt; Stitch the side seam of the leg, which goes from the waist and the beginning of the hips.
Take the chalk, draw a straight line.It should run along the front of the pants and be 2-4 centimeters above the bottom of the zipper. That's what it was for her to be forced up.
Take scissors, cut the front upper part of the pants along the chalk line. To jeans for pregnant women did not press on the stomach, take a piece of knitted or other elastic fabric that stretches well.
Wear a trouser bag. Take a centimeter. Lay it on the side seam of the back of the product in the hips. It should be in line with the navel. Hold the beginning of a centimeter with your left hand, which lies on the side of the pants. Throw it right through the stomach along the navel line with your right hand. Put the other end of the tape on the intersection of this horizontal line with the right thigh.
Record the resulting value. This will be the width of the knitted fabric. It is also determined by the height of a centimeter. Put the zero mark tape in the middle of the abdomen, where you want the top of the pants to go. Lower the tape down, measure the distance to the beginning of the jeans in front (where the canvas is cut).
Measure out the knitted fabric according to the size obtained. Leave one centimeter allowances for the side seams, the same for the lower and upper seams.
Cut the fabric, sew it to the front top of the jeans.Lay a few soft folds from the sides and bottom.
Measure your waist. Add to this size 5 cm. Cut the ribbon out of the knitted fabric. Its length is equal to the value obtained. Width - 8 cm.
Stitch a belt. To do this, fold the front sides of the knitted fabric and the top of the ribbon. Stitch. Fold half of the ribbon on the wrong side, sew this part with a needle on your hands to the knitted basis with a secret stitch. Leave a small gap on the side. Thread the elastic through it with a pin. Sew the ends of the elastic, iron out the seams and flaunt in updated jeans.

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