How to arrange the interior in the style of American or English country

Secrets of the interior design in the style of American country
To reproduce the atmosphere of the Wild West, you need to give preference to aged wooden furniture of deliberately rude forms - it is as if made by yourself. The decoration should contain leather details, decorative elements and ethnic textiles in Indian style. The basis of the interior are wooden dining tables without tablecloths and other types of coverage, and the bed must be with a canopy. For furniture, an array of tulip or American walnut is used, accessories are made of bronze or brass with a patina. As a decorative elements, emphasizing the atmosphere of the ranch, you can choose animal skins, cowboy hats, whips or Indian rugs. Plaid plaids will perfectly fit into the interior of a living room or bedroom, and copper dishes will ideally complement the kitchen.
Features of interior design in the style of English country
A house in the style of an English country is not a modest rural structure, but a full-fledged rural dwelling built for centuries, because in the conditions of rain and fog the house must be solid and always with a fireplace. In the English house, preference is given to high-quality wood - it is used to finish the floor, ceiling and walls. The interior is made cozy by thick soft carpets, fabrics with a floral pattern and antique china. Wool tapestries, fabrics or leather are used for upholstery, wallpaper or curtains. Furniture in English country is always solid - chests of mahogany or cherry, Victorian armchairs, bookcases, chairs with high backs. Various accessories complement and complete the décor - wall plates, paintings. When choosing a decor you can give preference to items related to hunting, horse riding or aristocratic sports.

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