How to assemble a plane

In one of the sections, install a piece of foam and stick an antenna into it. In some sections of the fuselage, according to the drawing, insert the frames, trimmed to the desired size. At the end of the fuselage assembly, attach the oil cooler and nozzles to it.
After assembling the fuselage, manufacture a propeller of the blades and the coca. Connect the appropriate parts of the scan and install two frames inside, glued together and having a hole for the axis. Seal the end of the axis with a cap, gluing its petals together.
Insert sewing needles or pieces of clips with pointed ends into the blade details. Insert the sharp ends of the screw needles between the frames.
Having installed the propeller, proceed to the formation of the tail of the aircraft, which consists of a stabilizer and a keel.
Glue the keel detail to the frame, and then assemble the stabilizer according to the drawing. Fasten the right and left side of the casing with glued stabilizer parts on it.
After that, cut the gaps in the details of the wing planes and assemble the two wings.Glue the skeleton of the tail to the fuselage and close with special linings of the joint.

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