How to avoid blood poisoning when injured

Especially dangerous are skin lesions in contact with the ground. Most minor skin lesions can be treated on their own and thus protect themselves from blood poisoning. Having more serious wounds, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Injuries and wounds requiring medical examination

Wounds of the abdomen and chest, reaching to the muscles and deeper, including with objects protruding from the wounds. Wound edges wash with cold water. In case of heavy bleeding, the wound is washed abundantly with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, covered with a folded bandage. The bandage is fixed with a pressure bandage or patch. Trapped in a wound small items are removed, suspicious - leave for examination by a doctor.
Bites of wild and domestic animals.
Severe bruises of the body are dangerous if accompanied by sharp pain and increasing heat at the point of impact, lasting more than a minute after the incident.
Insect bites with fast edema, speech or breathing problems.

Handling small wounds at home

The blood is stopped 15 to 30 seconds after injury.Blood is a good antiseptic, and its flow removes most of the contamination from the wound. In case of severe bleeding, a wound is placed above and below the wound. You can use the belts, laces, twisted handkerchiefs, flexible rods. Without medical preparation in the open air and bright sun, it is difficult to distinguish venous blood from arterial blood, therefore it is desirable to have two plaits. If only the hand or foot is damaged, one is enough. Plait impose over the joint, under the knot enclose the roller. Only then proceed to the treatment of wounds. It is washed abundantly with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, it stops the blood and disinfects the wound.
A good antiseptic is furatsilina solution, but it does not stop the blood. It is convenient to use them for deep wounds without bleeding, for example, heels. The edges of the wound are cauterized with iodine solution or brilliant green. Then the wound is smeared with any antiseptic ointment and closed with a bandage or plaster. Hypericum juice or plantain leaves can be used instead of ointment. If in the next 2 days the dressing will be in contact with water or earth, it is additionally protected. At the time of walking on the injured leg, they wear a sock, cover it with plastic wrap and fix it with a plaster or another sock. You can use this protection for up to an hour.Rubber napalechniki serve even less, about 20 minutes. If you use them longer, the skin heats up and sweat rushes into the wound, carrying germs on the skin.

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