How to bathe a child up to a year

The baby must have its own bath. Use it for other purposes is extremely contraindicated. For example, you cannot soak laundry in a baby bath, wash it, or use it to store any items. It is recommended to bathe children every six months, so the bath should always be clean.
The optimal bathing water temperature is 37 degrees. If the liquid is too hot, the child can get burned, if cold - can catch a cold. It is necessary to control not only the temperature level in the water, but also indoors. If the room is cold, it is better to use a heater to create optimal conditions.
Before bathing it is necessary to wash the bath with soap, it is not recommended to use cleaning products. After each bath, the tank is also treated with boiling water to destroy harmful bacteria and germs.
If you are bathing a child with potassium permanganate, you should carefully examine the water.The substance must be completely dissolved. Even the smallest particles of potassium permanganate can injure a baby. Water in the bath must be poured in such a quantity that the child’s neck remains outside.
It is also not recommended to bathe children under one year old with washcloths. The skin of a child is very tender, and poor-quality material may cause irritation. Apply a means for swimming better hands. In addition, children's clothing should be prepared in advance, if necessary, it must be warmed up on the battery.

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