How to become a friend of the child

To become a friend for your child, spend as much time with him as possible. Watch movies together, go for a walk and visit, visit interesting places and just chat. Coming home from work, refuse to watch TV. It is better to devote this time to interesting games with the child. Housework can also be done together. Joint pastime will allow you with the child to get to know each other better, identify the unknown qualities of the child and look at it from new sides. And regular communication and the ability of parents to listen and hear their offspring will help to gain confidence.
To make friends with your own child, treat him as a friend, and not as a subordinate. If you need something, do not order the child, and gently ask him. Often children cannot trust their parents simply because mom and dad demand too much and are punished or scolded for mistakes. And this approach is absolutely wrong. If the child has done something wrong or has done something wrong, take his hand, look into his eyes and ask affectionately what happened. Then the child will trust you and consider you his friend.And never point out that children should obey and obey their parents without obedience. This is not at all friendly.
Remember mutual aid and mutual support. Be sure to help the child, if he asks for it, offer your help. In addition, more often ask the child for help, it will allow him to feel necessary and important for you. If the child does not do something, be sure to support and cheer him up. Tell us about the fact that you have encountered setbacks and difficulties, give a real example from your life. And always help the child to overcome fears.
Be honest and always keep your promises. Do not lie to the child, always tell him the truth, do not hide anything. After all, the secret always becomes clear, and the revealed lie will undermine the confidence of the offspring to you. If you promised something to a fucker, do it. If you do not keep promises, the child simply will not believe you. And then to become a good friend for him you just will not work.
Learn to control your emotions and not be angry at the child. Your anger and anger can forever kill the children�s desire to communicate with you and trust you.Even if the son is guilty, calm down and talk about everything without shouting, blaming and reproaching. Punishments are necessary, but they should not be degrading. And sometimes you can do without them.

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