How to become a good conversationalist? Triangle rule

To be a good conversationalist is real art. We have chosen a few rules that will help you become a good listener, and this is half the battle!

Having eye contact for a good conversation is very important. But, remembering people who start staring at you in your eyes, without blinking or looking up, you get the impression that you are in a horror film. And an interesting conversation turns into awkward, and you want it to end quickly.

In order to avoid such situations, we suggest using the rule of a triangle. This is a very simple rule, and it requires practically no preparation. Here’s how it sounds:

Draw an imaginary inverted triangle on the face of the interlocutor. The corners of the triangle fall on the eyes and mouth of a person. During a conversation, translate your gaze from one point of the triangle to another every 10 seconds. If you follow this rule, the interlocutor will think that you are interested in the conversation (and it would be better if it was so).

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You can use one more little tip:

Maintain eye contact with the interlocutor until you see the color of his eyes. After that, briefly look away.

Such a technique will not only help you keep the conversation going, but also allow you to memorize the name of the interlocutor. How? Everything is very simple. By focusing your attention on the color of your eyes, you create an image in your head that can be associated with a name. And as we know, visual images are more persistent and are remembered much better.

Two of these simple tricks can make you a good listener and create you a reputation as an interesting and desirable interlocutor.

Do you have tricks that you use in talking with other people? Share them in the comments.

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