How to become an authority for everyone in 2018

Expand your horizons

Knowledge is the key to all doors. A person who tries to learn more every time, replenishes his stock of information, and is also interested in what is happening around him, there is always something to say and how to keep the conversation going.
Instead of a new series of the recently released series, watch the evening news release, instead of viewing a magazine with superficial and useless content - look through the latest newspaper. Be sure that your empathy for the complex relationship between the characters of the series will not raise you in people's eyes as much as your awareness of the events taking place in the country will make it.

Work on yourself - and not only in the field of knowledge

This, of course, is good when you can keep up the conversation at any time, but do not limit yourself to this skill.
Work on your appearance, your image, style of behavior and even speech. Bring yourself to perfection to become an example to follow.And always remember the proverb “They meet on clothes, but they follow on the mind” and do not forget that the first impression is remembered for a long time, and you will not make it a second time.

Be open to everything new.

A person who does not want to keep up with the world, rejects everything new that appears in him, begins to seem "obsolete", and interest in him gradually disappears. Follow the new trends, and all the rest - follow you!

Pick up your surroundings

Your acquaintance with important people, and especially close friendship with them can even be very useful to you. Therefore, be more attentive to the formation of your social circle: let these people be not only interesting, but also extremely useful to you. And you will immediately notice how people will begin to reach out to you, for whom you had no special meaning before. But do not forget about true friendship.

Do not miss the chance to show your "utility"

This item is not in vain right behind the point about the formation of the "right" environment. It is not so difficult to gather around him influential and successful people, from whom you can endlessly receive any benefit (for example, to increase your credibility), but how to stay in this society is another question.
Do not be afraid to seem obliging, but do not stoop to fulfill ridiculous requests that contradict your desires and principles. Show others that you are extremely valuable to them - and you will grow abruptly in their eyes.
And the last, most important advice - always remain yourself, despite the fact that you have become more interested in the news about the financial situation in the United States, have changed the style of clothing and communicate with important people. Remember that all fame is received by originals, not copies.

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