How to become an independent traveler

You will need
  • Passport, medical insurance.
So you decided to travel on your own. It is not difficult at all, the main thing is to make the first step. Namely, choose those countries where you would like to go. The easiest way to choose visa-free countries or countries with a Schengen visa.
Buy ticket. There are many aggregator sites that track the best deals of different airlines. You can also subscribe to airline stocks on their sites. If there is no need to plan a trip in advance, you can search for last-minute airline tickets at travel agencies or on the special offers exchange “Turdom”.
If you are afraid to go alone - look for a friend or companion who already has experience of independent travel. Even if there is no such experience, it is always more fun to go together or by company.
Now you can begin to develop a route. Understand whether you want to visit the neighboring cities and countries.It is better to buy domestic flights in advance, and usually you can easily buy tickets for ground transportation on the spot. Information about the route and transport in a particular country is better to look at the forums of independent travelers.
Book a hotel or apartment. It should be noted that living in an apartment or in a room, you are much closer contact with the lifestyle of the local population. If you are going to Asian countries, for example, to Thailand, finding accommodation on the spot is not difficult, and you can only book the first night or two.
Better to know in advance how to get to your place of residence. Some hotels organize a transfer, which is included in the price. In big cities you can get by public transport, just need to see the time of arrival and the time of transport. The easiest and most convenient, but also the most expensive way is to take a taxi. Ask beforehand how much a taxi costs in this city, because foreigners usually call a taxi a few times more than the standard amount.
Approximately plan your budget: how much money will go to visit restaurants and cafes, whether it will be possible to cook by yourself in a hotel or in an apartment, how much you plan to spend on purchases. All this information can also be found on the forums.
Now you can proceed to the most enjoyable: the study of information about the country, reading traveler reviews and collecting suitcases. You can search on the social networks of Russians who live in this country and will be happy to show non-tourist places. And remember that, having gone on a trip without a travel agency once, you will not be able to stop.
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For a start, of course, it is better to choose the safest countries.
Helpful advice
Knowledge of English, of course, never hurts, but still it is better to learn at least a few words and phrases in the language of the country to which you go and stock up with a phrase book before you travel. This is one of the right steps to turn from a tourist into a real traveler.

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