How can a beginner learn how to push off from the floor correctly?

Sport - is life. And if you play sports or plan to start exercising, you probably want to develop fully and use all muscle groups during training. Push-ups will help develop and develop the muscles of the chest and arms. But how to learn push-ups, how to do it right?

What are push-ups and how did they appear?

Pushing up is called basic physical exercise that develops the muscles of the chest and arms. To do this, you should take the support while lying on the floor, bend your elbows, bring the body closer to the floor, then unbend your arms and thereby raise the body. It would seem that there is nothing complicated, and yet there are a lot of variations and peculiarities, and even for a beginner this exercise may not work out the first time.

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The history of push-ups is rooted in the distant times. Such an exercise was available in almost every ancient culture (not for nothing, almost all men of those times had a developed and prominent torso).The first mentions of them appeared about 2.5 thousand years ago. But the term itself began to be used in the USA in 1905.


What is the benefit of such an exercise?

  • Pushups, like all other exercises, form willpower and character.
  • This is a great way to increase stamina.
  • Pushups can improve the work of the respiratory, cardiovascular and some other systems, as well as the whole organism.
  • Exercise allows you to strengthen muscles and build muscle mass, which is especially important for men and athletes.
  • Push-ups accelerate the metabolism, and, therefore, help to lose weight.
  • Such an exercise is especially useful for those who are engaged in martial arts, as it helps to significantly increase the force of impact.
  • This is a great way to improve the tone of the body and improve mood.
  • Push-ups help strengthen the joints, because they are also involved.

What parts of the body are involved?

What muscles will be used during pushups? This seemingly simple exercise allows you to work out several muscle groups at once:

  • Chest muscles. This is especially important and useful for girls, because small breasts will become more sexy due to an increase in muscle mass, and bulk breasts will look fit.
  • Muscles of arms: triceps, biceps and deltoid.
  • The back muscles are also in tension, as they are responsible for ensuring a straight body position.
  • The muscles of the press are also responsible for maintaining the correct posture, so that they are also worked out.
  • In some tension there are also buttocks.
  • The legs are also involved in the exercise.

Muscle tension and their work will depend on the push-up technique and on the position of the body.



There are several techniques for doing the exercise:

  1. Classic push-ups allow you to strengthen the muscles of the chest, as well as deltoid muscles and triceps. You need to take the emphasis lying, lean on the palm of your hand (they should look forward), arms outstretched slightly wider than shoulders. Legs rest on the floor with socks and are on the width of the buttocks.
  2. Push-ups from the knees is a simpler option, which, firstly, protects the lower back from overvoltage, and secondly, relieves the muscles a little. The initial position is almost the same as in the previous classic version, but you should lean on the bent knees.
  3. Push-ups from the wall - this is probably the easiest option for beginners, allowing you to prepare your muscles for more serious loads.You need to stand near the wall at a distance of one step from her, turning to the support face. The palms are located on the wall at a distance slightly wider than the width of the shoulders. Heels should be torn off the floor so that all body weight falls on the hands.
  4. Push-ups that allow the main focus on the triceps. The initial position will be the same as in the classic version, but the palms should be positioned at chest level and waist width. When inhaling, you need to bend your arms until a right angle is formed between the forearm and shoulder. In this case, elbows are retracted, and forearms are pressed to the waist.
  5. Push-ups with a wide-set of hands will allow the pectoral muscles to work. The initial position is similar to the classic one, but it is necessary to place the arms at a distance twice the width of the shoulders. And palms and fingers should be placed to the sides.
  6. Circular pushups are a rather difficult option for professional athletes or “advanced” amateurs. The starting position is classic, but palms should be placed at chest level and set slightly wider than shoulders. When inhaling, the weight of the body should be transferred to one hand, and then to the other, dropping down.On exhalation you need to return to the original position. Then the exercise repeats, but in the opposite direction.
  7. Push-ups in steps. Training will allow you to work out the muscles and will be dynamic. Take a starting position, leaning on the feet and hands and placing his palms at chest level next to each other. On the inspiration with your right hand, take a step to the side and perform the usual push-up. On exhalation return the hand, taking the original position.
  8. Push-ups with a jump will help to develop the speed of impact and increase the reaction. On the exhale, you should jerk up the body and push off from the floor, tearing hands off of it (you can make cotton). When inhaling, take an initial position.
  9. Push-ups. The legs are placed on a raised platform, for example, on a bench. This technique will increase the load on the hands.
  10. Opposite push-ups. It is necessary to take the left hand aside, and the right one - back. On the inhale, you need to bend your arms and take the left elbow to the side, and the right - along the body. On exhalation, return to the initial position. Change hands.
  11. Pushups from the support. In this case, hands should be placed on the dais. This option also allows you to change the load.
  12. Push-ups on one arm are an incredibly difficult option.
  13. Push-ups without legs on one hand can perform only units.

How to master push-ups?

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How to learn how to push up from the floor?

  1. To begin, select the appropriate exercise. If you start from scratch and have no physical training, then choose pushups from the wall, then go to pushups from your knees, and then try the classic version. But at each stage can go from one to several weeks. The transition to the next exercise should be carried out only when the previous one is given without difficulty.
  2. It is important to perform the exercise correctly. First, take the starting position. While inhaling, lower the body down, bending your elbows. On the exhale, straighten your arms again and return to the original position. Keep your back and legs straight. Do not try to help yourself with other parts of the body, the corps must only be raised with your hands.

Rules and Tips

A few recommendations:

  • Do not immediately try to set records. Start from 10 times. Gradually increase the number of pushups. For a girl who just wants to tighten her muscles, it’s enough 30-40 times.But the guy can perform from 50 to 100 pushups.
  • Divide the training into approaches to let the muscles rest. Between them, take breaks of 2-3 minutes.
  • Exercise regularly. To increase muscle mass will require daily workouts, and to maintain the form enough for two or three times a week.
  • At first, it is better to perform an exercise at the mirror in order to notice and correct mistakes in time.

Learn to wring out, become stronger and more attractive!

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