How to behave with your favorite guy

Sometimes it is easier to talk about naturalness and naturalness than to behave in this way, because in modern society the style of behavior is most often dictated by fashion. It seems that the world is just full of glamor, because it literally pours from the TV screens, from the covers of glossy magazines. How to maintain self-confidence, communicating with a guy, under such circumstances, especially since the guy stares at all this?

In fact, in everything that happens there is nothing terrible, because the guys, as you know, perceive the world around them with their eyes, and they are pleased to look at the beautiful picture. But do not forget that almost all models and teledivos in everyday life do not carry on themselves kilograms of makeup. A pomp and defiant look did not make any girl happier.

How to get to know your favorite guy

If you like a guy, but shyness prevents to meet you, then simple advice will be useful in this case.

First of all, it is necessary to reveal the circle of his interests. This can be done by asking about his friends. It would be great if a guy goes in for sports, for example, does morning runs. Joining it at this time is not difficult. If he attends a gym, then you should definitely sign up there too. If he attends concerts, then you can get tickets for one of them. A good reason to ask a guy for help is to look at the computer, maybe install a program or an antivirus.

If the young man is lucky and your neighbor, then you can bake cookies or cakes and walk boldly with a treat to get acquainted in a neighborly way.

There are plenty of options, and if the guy really likes it, then hesitate to overcome indecision and take steps.

How to dress up for a date with a guy

A date with a guy, especially the first (and subsequent ones too) should be comfortable first of all. This is an exciting moment, and the extra discomfort that aggravates the situation, we do not need. From this it follows that clothing and shoes should be comfortable. And therefore heels, if they do not rush in everyday life, or the girl has not risen to them before, are absolutely excluded.

Well, it is necessary to take into account the time of the year, and therefore if it happens in the summer, then you need to grab either a denim jacket or a light leather jacket. If the meeting takes place in the fall or spring, then the outfit should be different - a knitted, tight-fitting dress will do, or maybe jeans with a smart cardigan with a stylish jumper with a bare shoulder.

A little about the laundry - you need to wear only the most beautiful and preferably expensive (comfort is not excluded, but a necessity). This is necessary even if the demonstration of underwear is not planned. Just this element of the wardrobe will give a feeling of confidence, and therefore a certain emancipation of its owner.

Now it is worth mentioning the hairstyle - it should be quite simple, just washed and loose hair will be a good option. There is no need to demonstrate thorough preparation for a date. Well, a few words about the decorations. Of course, they should be in moderation. If something catchy, then in a single copy, for example a large ring. And a beautiful multi-layered chain or necklace will make even stricter clothes play in a different way.

If a girl has a question about how to behave with a guy, then I want to remind you that personalities and people always enjoy respect and interest. You should always have your own point of view, your own opinion, but of course you cannot be categorical and impose your position on others. And yet - you can not play a role, you must always remain yourself. If a girl has a feeling that she does not reach the level of a young man, then there are no obstacles in self-improvement, especially at a young age.

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