How to blind a plasticine soldier

On Victory Day in all the main squares of the country will be held solemn parades dedicated to the anniversary of the end of World War II. Someone will go along with the whole family to the Parade to enjoy the magnificent sight, someone will be watching television as the events unfold.

And children can blind together with their parents with a small victorious souvenir on May 9 with their own hands - a real soldier made of clay in a summer parade dress uniform. See how realistic the figure looks like, which is shown in the final photo. In fact, it is molded quite easy. In this lesson we have to figure out exactly how.

A plasticine soldier with his own hands

Plasticine Soldier - how to make your own hands

To prepare a soldier, prepare:

  • Plasticine black, gray, beige, red, yellow, white
  • Toothpick and stack, rod from ballpoint pen

How to mold a soldier in steps

Let's start with the head. For its modeling will need a beige ball of soft clay. This is the initial preparation, from which we will have to model the face of a young boy.

Press the ball on all sides so as to pull it up to the oval face. Lightly point the chin. Attach a thin nose to the center.

You can push the eye marks with a small push to set the correct face relief. Squeeze out the slit for the eyes as well.

Fill the fossa with small grains of white and blue plasticine. From above paste thin strips of eyelids. Each pupil can be pierced with a toothpick. Make thin lips of pink plasticine of a barely noticeable shade and stick it under your nose. Add brown eyebrows.

The head of a soldier can be left without hair, later on we will put on a front cap. To make the torso in a festive tunic, we need a lot of black clay, but it is better to dilute it with a small amount of gray to create a light wool effect. Vlepite torso bar, truncated cone - for the bottom.Connect them together.

The central part (the place of attachment of the two dark parts) is masked behind the belt. Glue a metal part onto the strap and squeeze out the star with a toothpick. Glue a row of golden buttons on the center of the jacket.

With the reverse side of the handle bar, press each ball against the jacket. From the dark tubes, make the sleeves and glue on the sides. Cuffs should end clearly at the lower edge of the jacket.

Of the two dark tubes, also make trousers of trousers. In front of your fingers, form a crease on each leg. Along the sides glue the red stripes.

At the bottom, glue on the black shoes. At the top insert pieces of toothpick for attachment to the tunic.

Connect the two parts of the suit.

At the top, also insert a piece of toothpick. Plant a small beige ball. Circle with a red collar with yellow skirts. Prepare red shoulder straps with yellow fragments.

Attach shoulder straps to your shoulders. Put your head in a match.

Glue small beige ears.Make a cap in a suit. Put it on the soldier’s head.

Our winning hack is ready. If such soldiers are made by children in the school as a whole, then you get a whole company that will march in the small Victory Parade.

The author of the master class is Elena Nikolaeva.

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