How to block calls

Subscribers of this operator can choose the way of activation to their taste. They can, for example, call the 5130 Directory Information Service number, and also send a USSD request to the number * 130 #. As soon as you select a method and send an application for service connection to it, wait for the operator's response (when he receives and processes the application, he will send you two SMS notifications). The first of these notifications will indicate that the Black List service has been ordered, and the second will tell you how to activate the service. Please note that you can edit the list (that is, enter the numbers of subscribers into it and delete them from it) only after receiving the second message from the operator.
In this step, we will speak directly about the inclusion of the necessary numbers in the black list. For this, Megafon provides its subscribers with the USSD-command number * 130 * + 79XXXXXXXX # and the number to send SMS messages (the text of which should contain “+” and a telephone number in the form 79xxxxxxxx). In addition, you can delete any number at any time or clear the entire list at once.To delete 1 phone number, use the special command * 130 * 079XXXXXXXXXX # and press the call key. If you need to remove absolutely all numbers from the list, dial USSD number * 130 * 6 #. To cancel the Black List service, send an SMS to 5130, in which specify the Off command, or send a request to * 130 * 4 #.
View the entire list of numbers is available by sending SMS messages with the text "INF" to the already familiar number 5130. You can also get information about the status of the service through a request for a free number * 130 * 3 #.
A similar service is also available for another Russian operator, Beeline. It provides two types of it: you can create a black list with forbidden numbers, or you can create a whitelist (but it will already include only allowed numbers,callsfrom the rest will be blocked). Activation of the service is available using the toll free number 0858. But MTS has no such service.

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