How to break a flower garden in the country

Before you start planting flowers, you need to find a suitable place for them. If the planting of light-loving plants is supposed, arrange a flower garden in a place where it is sunny all day. Plants that wither from excess ultraviolet radiation, preferably planted in the shade. If space allows, arrange a flower bed in front of the house. This will be the first thing your guests will see when they visit the cottage.
The size and shape of the flower bed, taking into account the space used. It is necessary to fill in the used land as much as possible. The flower bed can be rectangular, oval, round and arbitrary shape. If the wall of the house is located nearby, plant curling roses, clematis, hydrangeas, wisteria or other plants near it. As you grow up, help the plant trail around windows and doors.
Interestingly look a few small nearby flower beds. To combine them into a single composition, plant a space between them with a lawn or short grass.You can arrange a flower garden at the edges of the track. Plant one type of plant in a narrow stripe, framing the track on both sides. For this can be used petunias, marigolds, roses. Take plants of different shades and plant in strips.
When creating compositions of flowers, apply household items. Take the old bath and use it for the device beds. Bury the bath in half or just paint. Fill the bottom of the tank with gravel, and fill the ground on top. Drop pansies into it, fern, host. Along the edges of the flower bed, place the braiding plants. They will hang beautifully, complementing the composition.
There is another option - turn the bath into a pond. Dump her completely into the ground. Place moisture-loving plants at the edges: meadowsweet, periwinkle, fragrant violet. Instead of a bath for a flower bed, you can use a sink, an old barrel, a basket.
Undoubtedly, gardeners dream of a flower garden that will be pleasing to the eye with bright colors all summer. How to arrange it? Use annual long-flowering plants. Krestovik graceful begins to bloom in early summer and continues to flaunt to frost.With its red-purple colors create bright accents.
Plant decorative tobacco on the flowerbed. Its flowering time is June-October. Inflorescences open at night and exude a fragrant scent. Land the edges of the flower bed ageratum. Its blue tender flowers are used as a border.
Take zinnia different varieties. Small plants fill the space between tall flowers. Plant high for short plants, thus protecting them from cold winds. Petunia is often used for flower beds, which blooms from May until the cold.

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