How to breed a sucker?

Elena Minkina
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How to breed a sucker?

You can call a sucker a person who wants to get a lot of different benefits, but don�t spend a lot of work, money and effort on it. As a result, the sucker not only gets nothing, but on the contrary loses a lot of money, effort and time. And because of their greed, their desire for quick and easy enrichment, suckers often become objects of a rally or fraud.

How to dissolve the sucker: options for action

Dissolving the sucker is simple enough: promise him fabulous wealth at the lowest cost. This may be something akin to Paul Wonderland from the fairy tale �Pinocchio� known to all of us. By the way, probably, it was not in vain that this field was located in the country of Fools.

Currently, there are a huge number of schemes for the divorce of suckers for money, which thrive on the Internet. Let us consider some of them in more detail.

Dissolve the sucker: magic wallets

In the network often there are announcements of magic wallets. All that is required for earnings is to transfer certain amounts of money to these wallets, enter the number of your Yandex wallet at the end of the list.As the authors of such ads promise, very soon a real cash �rain� will fall on your wallet.

How to dissolve the sucker: financial pyramid

Creating a financial pyramid, its owner clearly understands that the money of depositors will bring him huge profits. But the Loch believes that he can get rich by investing money in the pyramid. And such financial pyramids on the Internet is not enough. This is due to the fact that in this case the recipient of funds may remain anonymous, it is difficult to track the financial flow. As a result, attracting the founder of the financial pyramid on the Internet to criminal responsibility is quite problematic.

We breed sucker: money-making training seminars

Various seminars on �doing business� or �quick ways to make money� are mostly tricky schemes for withdrawing money from suckers. Most often, such seminars retell the well-known Carnegie books. After the end of the seminar, his students are offered to enroll to continue their studies at the school - high school - college - university - academy.And at the same time, each level of education is becoming more and more expensive. As a result, the Loch spends his time and a lot of money, almost without getting anything in return.

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