How to build a business on the Internet

You will need
  • Blog, website, social networking page.
Create a site on a specific topic. Beautifully decorate it, fill out articles or small notes. Engage in its promotion: invite as many people as possible to the site, leave announcements about it on other Internet resources, in communities, forums similar to your subject, etc. After a few months, you will already see the first results, after which you can drop applications to the corresponding Yandex and Google services for placing paid advertising. In the case of a positive response, every month you will receive a profit from your site. If the answer is the opposite, then it makes sense to wait for higher rates of your resource and re-apply a little later.
Sell ​​hand-made things online. To do this, it is enough to create your own blog on a free site and upload your works there with a description of the products and their price.Efforts are needed only to advertise their creations on the Internet. However, it is not so difficult to do, just leave a link to your blog, where all your products are shown. Delivery in person or by mail. Payment can come through e-wallets or through money transfers, as well as to your personal bank account. Over time, the customers themselves will find you, provided that you produce good products of their activities.
Help your knowledge to other people and get paid for it. Think about what area you are so well versed that you can give good advice to another person. Create your own blog or website, where all your services will be registered. Advertise it online, and then get to work. You can conduct consultations, conduct webinars, seminars, trainings, etc.

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