How to build a graph in Excel?

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
February 9, 2012
How to build a graph in Excel?

Any text that has a lot of comparative data and tables, requires the presentation of them in the form of a graph. You can make a schedule using MS Exel.

How to build a graph in Exel

  • Create a table with the required set of values. Remember that any graph has two axes: the horizontal axis X, the vertical axis Y. Therefore, the table must contain columns and rows. The name of the columns and rows in the future will be the name of the axes.
  • After the table is ready, select it completely and click on the “Chart Wizard” button. This button is located on the toolbar next to the icon "Help". After this, the “Chart Wizard (Step 1 of 4): Chart Type” window should open. In the window that opens, select the option of the schedule as desired. If you want to see how your schedule will look in each of the options, use the “View Results” button.
  • After you decide on the type of chart, click on the "Next" button.In the upper part of the window you will see a sample of the future graph, then “range” - the area of ​​the table that has been selected. If you need to change the selection, change it here. Also, if you change the "rows in rows / columns" pointer, you will change the bottom X and Y axes.
  • Then you will be able to set various parameters: axis designation, color, thickness, fills, fonts, etc.
  • If you want the graphic to include the designation of its data, create a legend. To do this you will need to put a tick in the tab "Legend".
  • At the end you can choose how you want to see a graph or chart. On the same sheet on which the table is located or on another. Select the appropriate option, click "Finish". The schedule is ready.
  • If you looked at the result and realized that you need to correct some details, do it in the main menu “Diagram”.

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