How to record the image of the game on the "pig"

You will need
  • - The program Astroburn Pro;
  • - DAEMON Tools Lite program.
To recordformagames�onpig�You will need a special program, one of which is called Astroburn Pro. Find it on the Internet, download and install it on your computer.
Launch Astroburn Pro. In the main menu of the program, select �Actions�, then - the option �Recordform�to disk. A window will appear in which you can set recording optionsformagames. From the bottom of the window there is the line �Image�, next to which is the review button.
Click on this button and the overview window will open. Point toformat the game disc. Select it with the left mouse click. From the bottom of the review window, click "Open." After thatformgames�will be added to the recording window.
Insert a blank disc into the optical drive of the computer. Wait until it is unwound. After that, in the program window, find the section "Write speed". Next will be an arrow.Click on this arrow and select the minimum recording speed. Although the recording process will take significantly longer, but the probability thatform�written with errors, reduced to a minimum. Now all options are selected. Just click "Start".
The recording process starts.formand to disk. All you need is to wait for the completion of this procedure and remove the disk from the computer's drive tray.
If you need to writeformgames�in ISO format, it�s best to use DAEMON Tools Lite. Download the program from the Internet. Install it on your computer. In the installation process, be sure to check "Free license". After that, restart the computer.
Run the program, it will run in the background. Insert a blank disc into the computer drive. Click onformatgamesthat you want to record, right-click. In the context menu will be the item "Writeform�disk. In the next window that appears, just click "Record". The recording procedure starts.formagames�to disk.

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