How to buy a car in Moscow

Before looking for a new car, ask friends and acquaintances, maybe one of them sells a suitable option. As a rule, to buy a car from friends is more reliable.

Where to buy a car in Moscow

If this option does not fit, contact the official car dealership. Buying in them is safer than from individuals, but more expensive. In the automotive market do not go, there is no guarantee that the car is not an emergency or not serviceable.

A good place to look for Moscow residents is the Internet sites, where there are tens of thousands of offers. Choosing a car brand, prepare, read reviews. On the forums, find frequent sores, which is to look closely at first when buying.

After the purchase should remain some amount for unforeseen expenses, the first service and paperwork.

When you first call the seller, find out when and how the car was brought into the territory of Russia (if not produced on the spot), whether there were any accidents, any problems. The seller may not give a fair answer, but ask questions anyway.

A good car is hard to find at a price below market. Most often, the low price is due to malfunctions or problems. There are cases of urgent sale, and if a cheap copy turns up, carefully check the condition and the past. It may have been stolen or cleared. If you're lucky, buy a good car.

Vehicle Inspection and Document Verification

Immediately before the inspection, check the documents. Find out who the vehicle owner is. If the seller is not the owner, check with him permission to sell.

If the car is sold by proxy, certified by a notary, you risk being left without a car and money. It is recommended to buy a car only from the owner and be sure to conclude a contract of sale. In this case, you are guaranteed to get transport and will be able to earn money on your car.

The purchase of a car that is pledged to a bank is also undesirable. Examine the documents and verify the serial numbers, then proceed to assess the technical condition of the machine.

Documents to be verified

In the technical passport see the year of issue. The year of manufacture can be recognized by the identification number (VIN) and on the fasteners of the seat belts. Check the body number, engine number, VIN with those in the passport and on the car.If the numbers do not match, then the designer machine was assembled from different parts. In traffic police such a machine can not put on record.

Check the service book. View the number of owners and maintenance history. Any inconsistencies should alert you.

Useful advice: take the time and check the history of the vehicle so as not to get a divorce. Check for theft on the basis of the traffic police or provide the car for inspection in MREO.

Do not believe the seller in the word. Check the technical condition and authenticity of documents. Many are selling stolen or broken cars. If the seller cannot answer the simplest questions, subject the car to a deeper check. Rarely a person buys a car for less than a year. If the owner sells the vehicle in a month or two after the purchase, then there are serious problems.

In assessing the technical condition do not skimp on a competent diagnosis. Even if the car shines and you, having passed on it, did not notice anything suspicious, it does not mean that the car will not require repair.Below is a useful video clip, which tells how to buy a car in Moscow without any problems.

In drawing up the contract of sale and indicate the full value of the car. Do not give a deposit for the car. During the drafting of the contract, leave someone on your side near the car, so that suddenly the car does not leave before you arrive.

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If the listed options do not fit, hire a professional autokriminalist who will pick up the best car.

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