How to buy a room

You will need
  • - money;
  • - A written offer from the seller;
  • - Consent to the offer to purchase (the most reliable written, sent a valuable letter with an inventory of investments and the receipt of receipt);
  • - notarial services.
Thus, if you have received an offer to purchase a room in an apartment where you have square meters belonging to you, and the price suits you, inform the seller.
If you think it is too high, send a counter offer. In the case when the market is the price offered by you, the chances of buying the room remain with you. But they depend on the availability and quantity of other owners of meters in your communal apartment and their solvency.
By law, the seller must offer at every price reduction.the roomowners of other premises in the same apartment and a month to wait for their response.
If you agree with the price, notify the seller by mail with the receipt of receipt, you can also with the inventory of investments. Even if you live in the same apartment, this measure will not be superfluous.
This will deprive the seller of the opportunity to make a deal with another person.

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