How to care for hair in the winter season

The main enemy for hair in the winter is cold and very dry air. It is imperative to use a headdress when going outside. Hair, like skin, has small blood vessels, which narrow in the cold, which means the power to the hair does not come and they dry. If a headdress is used, then try not to get the tail and hair ends out. The same goes for the room where you are. It is important to maintain the humidity independently, because the central heating works in the apartments, which extremely negatively affects the hair and the skin in general. If you can not reduce the temperature of the battery, then you can once a day put on it a wet towel to provide some level of humidity in the room.

In winter, it is recommended to use special shampoos, balms, conditioners for dry hair. As a rule, they provide much more nutrition and moisture to the hair, retain the level of moisture in the cells, which are indispensable in the cold season.

Hair dryer and straightening irons affect hair very negatively. They dry their hair in principle, but in winter they even more negatively affect stress-free cells of the hair and skin. It is necessary to try to avoid their use as much as possible and to dry the hair in a natural way.

At least 1-2 times a week you need to make nutritional masks. Suitable as a special mask for dry hair, bought in a store, and made at home from natural ingredients. Incredibly positively on the hair, and especially the tips, affects burdock oil. It not only stimulates hair growth, but also nourishes the cells, makes hair smooth, silky, full. Applying it to the roots and ends of the hair once a week is more than enough.

Be sure to shear 2-3 cm of dry tips every one and a half or even two months, especially if they are already split. Such hair is already dry and dead, they can not be reanimated. And if there is a cross section, then it will only increase with time and ruin the hair and overall appearance even more.

Nutrition and vitamins, perhaps one of the most important and basic items for hair care.In winter, you should not limit yourself to fats and carbohydrates, as their lack leads to depletion of the body, weight loss, moisture and hormonal system failure. As well as in the winter, our body needs more calories and energy for heating and ensuring normal blood supply, which is responsible for nourishing the hair of the head. Reception of multivitamins should be carried out by courses.

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