How to care for violets?

Home violet (Saintpaulia, Saintpaulia) with an infinite variety of flowers, shades and shapes of flowers is deservedly leading among houseplants in popularity. When the flower got into a new home, the first question is how to care for indoor violets. So that the plant will always delight you with its healthy and flowering appearance, take care to familiarize yourself with the rules of plant care. The primary of all that needs to be known is how to properly care for violets - this is the mode of lighting and watering.


  • the violet grows on any windowsill where there is no intense sunlight;
  • that the flower socket was formed, evenly, rotate it 90 degrees once a week;
  • The violet should be lit about ten hours a day so that it blooms well.

Watering and feeding

  • use pre-settled tap water;
  • water the soil, trying to avoid getting water on the growth point and leaves;
  • add a little water to the pan, remove the excess, so as not to begin the process of rotting;
  • water as the land dries;
  • repot violet preferably twice a year, so that the plant receives a sufficient amount of nutrients. Use special land mixes for Saintpaulia;
  • if rarely transplanted, the plant is fed once a month. It is possible to use both special mineral phosphate fertilizers and organic. Watch out for dosage - this is an important aspect in understanding how to care for a violet flower. An excess of fertilizers leads to diseases and death of plants.


It should be loose and well retain moisture. To do this, add peat and crushed charcoal. The pot should be selected shallow and that in diameter it was less than three times the flower socket. After all, with a large diameter pot in violets in the axils of the leaves, the stepchildren will actively grow. It interferes with flowering. If they appear, remove or remove them.

Care of appearance

Another important point is how to take care of home violet, so that she always pleases the eye with a neat look. To do this, remove the flower stalks after flowering. Their timely removal stimulates the subsequent cycle of abundant flowering. You also need to remove the aging leaves in the bottom row. Usually the sheet works 10-12 months.

Reproduction and transplanting

Uzambarskaya violet easily propagated by vegetative cuttings and stepsons.

  • cut a leaf from the bottom of the bottom row and put the cutting in boiled water. Often use different substrates - agroperlite, moss-sphagnum, vermiculite, peat-humus tablets;
  • the stalk should not exceed 4 cm in length. A daughter plant will appear faster and larger.
  • after 4-6 weeks babies appear. They should be carefully separated and planted in a pot with a diameter of 5-6 cm with loose soil.

Diseases and pests

If you do not follow the recommendations of how to care for violets, the plant can get sick.

From the action of direct sunlight, excess or deficiency of fertilizers, moisture, improperly selected soil leaves are covered with yellow, transparent or dark spots, flowers and buds fall.

Infectious diseases Saintpaulia are caused by bacteria, microscopic fungi and viruses. The most common:

  • powdery mildew - a fungal disease in which a whitish powdery patina appears;
  • the rotting of the rosette (gray rot) is caused by the fungus Fusarium. In this case, flowers and buds become covered with gray mold.

The development of these diseases contributes to low temperature and excessive watering. Affected plants should be treated with special fungicides.

Pests of home violet are:

  • mealybug (located on the underside of the leaves);
  • cyclamen mite;
  • mosquito sciarides;
  • greenhouse aphid.

Insecticides purchased in specialized stores will help in the fight against these pests.

To avoid contamination of other plants, isolate the diseased plant.

Take care of your favorite plants and they will delight your eye for many years.

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