How to change and become better

Answer the question what the words “change and become better” mean to you.
1) What traits in you you want to change. Do not forget to justify (for yourself, of course) why. The answer “Yes, I don’t know why, I just want it” - is accepted if this desire is yours. In other words, it should reflect your nature, and not be imposed in a virtual way from advertising.
2) “Become better” - draw your image, and better - describe it. Take a piece of paper and write down in any clear and convenient way for you, what features you want to get rid of and how you plan to do it. Then write what features you want to acquire and your strategic plan for achieving.
If your plans for change are global, then start a notebook for the productivity of the process. Fix your ideas and changes in it, adjust plans when the need arises, mark your achievements.
Be honest with yourself. Your current desire to buy a yacht may disappear after you ride a friend's yacht.Feel free to cross out this desire from your notebook! Otherwise, it will detract from the energy that you could spend on performing actual tasks.
Do not forget to look into the notebook from time to time. The human brain tends to forget information. In our age of infinite information flow, anything happens. If you do not have notebooks and habits to look into it, you can remember about your desire to change soon.
Change is useful. If your relatives demand it from you, and you do not know how to be, “play” with this situation. Try to change something at your discretion or change something specific that is required of you. "Try on" new images. Do you like the result? - Leave it to yourself. Did not like? - Drop it, it's not yours. This is an interesting experience that does not oblige you to anything.
Never scold yourself for what is done or not done. Plan to change only when you really do it, and not to say it, or to be like everyone else. All of the above will spend your (!) Life energy, which you could spend on the things you really need.
Praise yourself for what you have achieved.Give thanks to those around you for their help (it could be people, nature, circumstances).

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