How to change the video card on the computer

In order to successfully replace a video card on your computer yourself, you must first figure out some subtleties that will affect the choice of a new video card.

In the documentation that every new computer should have (specifications), specify the type of video card installed (today video cards are used that are installed in the PCI-Express slot, but you can also find AGP).Attention!These two types of video cards are not interchangeable!

If the computer documentation does not indicate which video card is installed, it is possible that the computer manufacturer decided that the PC would cost the integrated video card, then it will be enough just to find the exact name of the motherboard in the hardware list and find out what type of video cards it’s on the mother’s manufacturer’s website supports

Helpful advice:Before you buy a new video card, read reviews about video cards that are available for sale in a computer store.It is important to choose the one that does not make you spend much, but it will be more productive than the existing one.

To install the purchased video card into the computer, you need to remove the side cover of the case, find the installed old video card or a connector for it (if the built-in “vidyaha” is used during the computer operation). In most cases, boards like a video card or a network card must be secured with a cog. Twist this screw and gently pull the old video card out of the slot. Insert a new video card in the same slot and fasten it with the same screw.

In the photo below, an approximate appearance of what can be seen by opening a computer. A white frame is highlighted by a video card, on the left are two mounting screws:

How to change the video card on the computer yourself

Helpful advice:note, on many motherboards, the video card sticks with an additional latch (it may look different) in the slot. Carefully pull out the old video card, applying too much force you just damage the port. When a new video card is inserted, the retainer should snap into place.

Attention!Some video cards may require additional power from the power supply.This point should be clarified when buying. If there is no additional power connector for a video card on your power supply, you will also have to change the power supply (and even for a more powerful one). If you do not want to change the power supply, choose a video card that does not require additional power.

In the photo below is an example of connecting to a video card for additional power:

How to change the video card on the computer yourself

After the physical change of the video card, you will need to insert the CD attached to the new video card into the CD (DVD) and install the drivers using the prompts from the program.

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