How to change your life for the better

Thoughts about changes in some people instill fear and horror, others - motivate. It is very important to understand how you react to a possible exit from the comfort zone.

No matter how much we resist, everything changes: the laws of nature work without our knowledge. People strive for stability, which sooner or later ends in personal cataclysms. Divorce from her husband, dismissal from work, financial failure - life itself shows that you are doing something wrong with it. Sat down, earned, believed in other people's ideals. Of course, a measured and predictable course is also a choice, but are you happy in it or are it imposed stereotypes where there are no reasons to go any other way or try something new?

Many of us do not dare to change anything because of the fear of change. Very often, an unhappy and monotonous life is much more comfortable than the one about which we know nothing. We forget that life is not the end result, it is movement and progress, it is a change of environment and change, without which progress is impossible.As usually happens? We pull to a dead end or crisis, and then - all in a daze. Depression, psychotherapists, difficult work on themselves. By the way, the well-known mid-life crisis is just about this: we live-live a measured life, and then an unknown force makes us wonder why we chose this path and indeed who chose?

How to change your life for the better

If you still reached an impasse, you should not despair. This is an excellent reason to take control of the situation and start living in a new way. It does not matter even what happened, how much you made a mistake and what you did - all of your actions have an explanation, as well as all your feelings. Society and relatives, of course, will appeal to your guilt feelings, toss up thoughts that you are not living according to your conscience and will be sorry. But this is all untrue. No one has ever regretted about change, it’s not for nothing that they say they are for the better. Just think about it. Change for the better. Objectively, this is not always the case. The best means something new, the very law of nature with its course changes. All of us came up with the idea "And if I then did not do it, then I would not now ..." - you can continue as you please. The fact is obvious: it's good not to sit still, it's good to be easy on the rise, it's good not to lose taste for life, it's good to take risks sometimes.

What are we usually afraid of?

That our dreams do not correspond to reality. Without trial and error, without trying to make a step towards the cherished goals, we seem to analyze something there and draw conclusions. In fact, we do not want to act and are lazy. Take elementary "Wishlist": to lose weight, relax properly, eat right, buy something big. Good and understandable needs that are easily met. But why do you want to delay the moment of decisive action? The answer is obvious and sad - the lack of willpower.

What to do?

Use ways of additional motivation. It sounds very boring, but they really can work. Pick a suitable option, but do not expect an instant miracle. Step by step towards a dream always leads to a dream, otherwise it does not happen. For example, start visualizing your desires. Imagine in colors how easy it is to run five, then ten kilometers. In beautiful outfit, tired but happy. Every month your figure changes noticeably. “Every month” or “in a month” sounds ominous, but it only sounds. In fact, in the month of thirty days, and they are very easy to spend on the couch. What is better in the end - a sofa or a result, you decide.But do not forget to scroll in your head all-all, what you want, what you like, and allow yourself in your own imagination all the most daring and audacious.

How to change your life for the better

Why do you think desire cards are so popular today? Because they work! You cut out the pictures with what you want, and look at it every day.

Positive energy, aspiration, good mood - all this creates an excellent ground for the accumulation of forces, strengthening of self-confidence that sooner or later breaks out with a strong-willed result.

With chronic fatigue, energy is not enough for anything at all - what other changes yet! But even here there is a loophole. Make changes in the smallest doses, and soon you will feel a return - a forgotten taste for life. In our emotional state, everything is connected, so try everything. For example, do not order coffee in the morning, but tea. Use the new route to get to work. Go to the movies on Tuesday night. It is ideal to create a diary and describe in it your small hours of change and sensations associated with them. Just do not plan anything for long - act as spontaneously as possible. And remind yourself that being afraid should not be a change in the usual way of life, but stagnation.

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