How to characterize the company

CharacteristicThe company should be written on its letterhead with the full name, details and contact telephone numbers. In the title, indicate the word "characteristic" and the full name of the company, organization.
In the introductory part, indicate what type of ownership this enterprise belongs to and give a brief historical background on its activities. Specify the date of foundation, type of activity during its creation, the main stages of development and achievements. If the company was a laureate or had awards, they also need to reflect.
Tell us about the activities of the enterprise at the present time. Describe its structure and the structure of the management apparatus. Give as an illustration a block diagram reflecting the interrelations between the selected individual units. Give staff details for each unit.
List all activities that the company is engaged in.Describe the entire range of products, goods sold or services provided. Give a brief analytical background on their competitiveness, compliance with international standards.
Give the data of statistical and financial analysis of the enterprise. Indicate the main production indicators: productivity, cost, profitability. Give an analysis of markets, taking into account the specifics of the products. Show the efficiency of the enterprise in the form of diagrams and graphs reflecting the dynamics of indicators over the past few years.

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