How to charge a column?

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How to charge a column?

The advantage of portable speakers is that they can work without connecting to the mains due to the built-in battery - you only need to charge them on time. How to charge a portable speaker, we will discuss in this article.

How to charge a column

Portable speakers usually use lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, which are used in other mobile devices, from players to tablets. Such batteries are usually charged via USB. Most often the speakers use a microUSB port, so you need a microUSB-USB adapter cable.

It is best to charge the speaker from the electrical outlet using a USB charger - these are often attached to smartphones and tablets. Buy USB charging in the store is also not a problem, and it is inexpensive. However, if you do not have charging and the desire to buy it, you can connect the speaker to a computer or laptop - it will be able to charge perfectly and so. Specially include a column is not required.

If your column does not have a charge indicator, the charging time will have to be controlled independently. There is no consensus on how much to charge a column or any other equipment with lithium batteries - different experts give different tips. But on average, these batteries are recommended to charge 3-4 hours.

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